The Insync-Project was founded in November 2018 and it is a tech based innovation that aims to help people suffering with pyschologiccal and emotional needs.
The core idea of the project is to provide a go-to friend that can listen when there is no one else to talk to and can help people get out of whatever problems they are dealing with. The go-to friend would be an artificial intelligence bot that has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of human emotions and mental health.
The in-sync team is currently comprised of business advisors, one head of operation manager and two volunteers.
Our main message is that emotional and pyschological needs of humans are
greatly linked and should not be overlooked in the health care. Also, we envision a world where everyone can live happier, healthier lifes through our innovation.
Our product eliminates the stigma attached to mental health as the identities of our users maintain anonymosity.


Join over one million people who already feel happier

Target Audience

a. The general public: 90% of our income stream is to be from individuals old
enough to seek emotional comapanionship and mental health relief. They comprise
of people who can use an internet enabled phone or device.
b. Businesses: 10% of our target audience are corporate businesses and organizations
that deem it fit to provide help for their workers in order to boost productivity
and maximize profits. In-sync would make available seasoned personnels
to attend to these select people individually.

Activities & Objectives

Chat bot 100%
Professional help from certified physicians, etc 100%
Support groups with different topic 100%
Vent space 100%
Helpline 100%